The Podcass 006: Free Comic Book Day and favorite Pastimes

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 4, and we talk to Scott Russell of Pastimes Comics and Games in Asheville, North Carolina about the business of running a comic book shop, how Free Comic Book Day affects it, and the overall health of the comics industry.

Then Scott’s podcast co-host, Miles Rice, joins us to talk about their show, The Expendable Opinion Podcast.

Scott is also The Podcass’s first interview! Hopefully, the first of many that eventually become a key part of the podcast. I want to talk to friends, colleagues, contemporaries, and others who I admire and make for compelling conversation. Thanks to Scott for his time, especially after an attempt to interview him for The Amusement Park Podcast fell through last November. I guess I have to keep giving him my money.

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The Podcass 005: Hold the door, La Llorona – Steve Yzerman is back!

On the latest Podcass, we examine an important social issue: How long should you be expected to hold a door open for someone? Also, a review of The Curse of La Llorona, a movie I never would’ve watched had I not been asked to for an assignment.

And it’s rough being a Detroit sports fan right now. Seriously, there’s not much fun in it. But Steve Yzerman — The Captain — returning to the Red Wings as general manager provides some hope. We need all we can get.

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The Podcass 004: Hellboy and Lighten Up, Francis

We review the Hellboy reboot on the latest Podcass. Can it possibly be as good or better than Guillermo Del Toro’s original two films? Is it more than just a placeholder until Avengers: Endgame takes over the movie landscape?

Before that, however, I need to cool out a little bit. I’ve been wound way too tight lately, and maybe that’s what got me sick.

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The Podcass 003: Shazam! and some Uncle Ian stuff

After finally getting this show on track, a cold knocked me down for a few days. And I’d managed to avoid catching a cold all winter long. Dang it.

But The Podcass is back on track! First, Uncle Ian explains how he’s now driving a minivan school bus for his beloved nieces and we review the new superhero movie sensation, Shazam!

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The Podcass 002: Waiting Room


The rhythm of the past week was thrown out of whack by an unexpected development. My baby niece hasn’t been feeling well and showed symptoms that prompted a trip to the emergency room. And that meant an hours-long wait in the ER.

No worries. My niece is fine. My sister, mother and I are a bit sleep-deprived, but we’re fine. But the waiting. And the waiting room…

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The Podcass 001: Us review


Us is the movie sensation sweeping the nation. Jordan Peele is considered by many fans and critics to be the new master of horror, and his second film does nothing to dispute that.

Some might not like Us as much as Get Out, but there’s a whole lot to think about and interpret long after you’ve seen the film. And the imagery could haunt you for a while. Find somebody to talk to about this movie!

Here’s a review:

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The Podcass 0.5 teaser: C’mon, another podcast?

Hello and welcome to The Podcass! Thank you for listening and downloading.

My name is Ian Casselberry, and I’m a writer, editor and podcaster. You might know me from such outlets as Awful Announcing, The Comeback, Big League Stew, MLive and Bless You Boys.

This is an audio version of my blog, with stories, rants, reviews and interviews.

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